Module Discussion Post

Your initial post should be at least 5 sentences and provide detailed and well-thought-out comments regarding the topic.
Post one comment to one of your classmates regarding their initial post. Comments to classmates should also be detailed and share your thoughts regarding their comments…just as if you were having a face-to-face conversation. The discussion post to your classmate should be at least 3-5 detailed sentences.
Many consumers focus their selection process on choosing foods that are fat-free and/or low in fat. Why has this dietary choice not made much of a difference for most individuals, as indicated by present weight gaining trends in the United States and other parts of the world?
Respond to this student: Choosing foods that are fat-free or low in fat doesn’t mean that an individual will loose weight. There are a lot of other factors that we have to look at. For example, the amount of carbs intake daily. If the individual doesn’t have any physical activity and doesn’t burn any calories they wont loose any weight. Only doing one thing right wont make the difference. In U.S most of the products contain a lot of sugars. Everything has to work as a whole having a balanced diet and getting healthy fat from avocado or olive oil, practice some sports and controlling the amount of carbohydrates.