Module 1 EEGUMP

Each module has a certain amount of lessons and a mastery lesson at the end of each module. To pass the entire module, I must receive a 90% or higher on the mastery lesson at the end. The mastery lesson of each module gives you only 3 tries. I need help finishing module one which has 3 lessons and a mastery left in it. Each lesson within these modules have a video at the beginning that is 2-3 minutes long and explains what is being learned in the lesson. They are not required to watch, but it makes it easier to understand how to use the program. On each lesson you have to pass with at least an 80%. The masterys at the end of each module must be passed with at least a 90%. I attached my notes from earlier in module one. I don’t know if they will be much help, but I would also recommend downloading the app “Noun Shoun” to help identify the parts of speech in each sentence (you will see what I mean when you enter the module). Thank you again 🙂 Don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions. I also have some screenshots of earlier lessons if you need to help you better understand the module.