modality in digital storytelling


Digital storytelling marries the ancient tradition of oral narration with new technologies, resulting in an amalgam of multimodal content, and each of the three primary modes that we’ve explored thus far (text, audio, imagery) possesses distinct strengths and limitations. Each raises differing concerns. And each has shaped, and will continue to reshape, our world.
Based upon your one-sentence thesis statement (capturing a main point that you’d like to make about modality in the digital storytelling context)
1. complete your 1.5-page, single-spaced (or 3-page, double-spaced),
2. ensure that your claims and assertions are backed up by evidence, and cite your research sources in MLA style Submit your essay as a Word document

For my thesis paper I would like to write about the importance of characterization and how it pushes forward the narrative of a story.
Teacher comment
I’m excited to read your paper, and learn how you feel the various modalities can shape characterization in digital storytelling: be sure and support your assertions with properly-cited evidence from your research

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