Matrix Organization”

In Chapter, we find the terms “Matrix Organization” and “Matrix Design.” Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the matrix design for organizations. In the textbook and in the videos, the author and I make the point that the Management Model (Management Process – planning, organizing, leading, and controlling) is universal. In other words, managers at all levels of all departments in all kinds of organizations use this system. Describe how the manager in a fast food restaurant in north central Kansas uses the “controlling” element of the management model. In the chapter, we discussed two similar sounding but very different concepts. Explain what a “Virtual Team” is, and what a “Virtual Organization” is. Compare and contrast the terms, Entrepreneur, Intrepreneur, and Social Entrepreneur. Tell what these three different types of people do the same as each other, and what they do that is different from each other. In four sentences or less, in your own words, explain the difference between related diversification and unrelated diversification. Include examples.

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