Marriage and Family

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Marriage and the Family Research Paper Research Paper Guideline- Research papers are to be on a topic related to marriage, families, and relationships as it applies to sociology. You can use your textbook as a guideline of topics, looking at sub-categories or something you read that sparks your interest. Papers are not to be a book report- or a summary. You need to research a topic and write a argumentative style research paper. You must also relate and discuss sociological theory to your topic in your paper.Documentation is extremely important in completing research. In the Social Science field, APA style documentation is the standard. For your research paper, you will use either in-text documentation or footnotes in the body of your work and you will also have a reference page attached. If you are not sure when to document or how please visit the writing center.The papers must be 4-6 pages in length (this does not include title or reference page). Use the 12pt font and double space the body of your work. Papers are expected to be free of errors and should be neat in appearance. The Research papers are due on April 25th 2021. On Feb 20, 2021- research paper topics must be submitted along with a list of at least 4 sources you have found on the topic. In the week 15 discussion forum, you will discuss your research and conclusions. You will also respond to other students questions on your research.Guidelines:Use a minimum of two journal articles and one research-worthy website as the basis for the paper. You can additionally use magazines, newspaper articles, and the course textbook/assigned course readings for references.

A TOTAL OF AT LEAST SIX SOURCES.The paper must include:1. INTRODUCTION 2. Body of your work with supporting documentation3. You must cite at least six sources, in the proper APA format4. The paper must be double spaced, utilize 12 point Times New Roman Font, and have 1-inch margins on all sides.5. The text of the paper must be 4-6 pages in length (not including the title page, tables, references, etc.).6. The paper must demonstrate your ability to write both clearly and effectively.Further clarification on documentation- Text citations and references should use the APA format. Always use your own words to describe others’ ideas and give credit to the authors for their ideas by citing them in the text of the paper; all ideas must be cited and all citations must be
referenced on the reference page.

In other words, you must use in-text documentation or footnotes as well as a reference page. Do not extensively copy an author’s material verbatim or with minor changes; this is technically cut-and-paste plagiarism and is profoundly unacceptable. ALL RESEARCH PAPERS will be submitted through safe-assign to check for plagiarism.The grade on the Research Paper will be based on the following evaluations: 100 point total Topic Submission 10 points The quality of the writing (proofreading, editing, and organization/presentation of ideas) 60 points -the selection of appropriate and quality research information (journal articles, books, and Web information) 15 points-the degree to which the instructions regarding this research are followed 15 points Factors to Consider: Possible Loss of Points:Failure to turn in Topic 10/100 Failure to use your own words (plagiarism) 90/90 Use of a format of documentation other than APA 20/90 Extensive punctuation, spelling, grammar issues 20/90 Failure to follow directions on length, font size, number of 20/90 citations and references.

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