Marketing Communications

Please read the attached document carefully and choose a company within the private or public sector. All the requirement is in the file.


Part A – just a very brief introduction about the company’s background. This part does not count marks, therefore, do not write too many words.


Part B (Approx 1000 words) – context analysis; please refer to the file’s requirement. I need some charts, positioning maps, company data, industry data for this part. The marketing-related problems you found from this part have to be stated clearly. It will be used to implement a marketing plan in Part C.


Part C (Approx 2100 words) – This is a three years marketing strategy plan. The first-year plan Or brief of the three-year plan has to be stated briefly in the first place. Please do not forget the set up the corporate objective, marketing objective, and communication objective for the marketing strategy plan. Your idea or argument has to be supported by some academic theories.


The plan has to correlate with what is mentioned in the second part. In other words, the problems you found from the analysis of  Part B that your marketing strategy plan will address it.


A measurable outcome has to be provided. Please provide some evaluation metrics.


Last but not least, please provide as many related charts, images, data for each part.


30 references in APA style are required. And some appendices.

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