marine biology 8 questions

Briefly explain why water has the unique properties it does (high boiling point, high freezing point, high capacity of heat, etc.), especially for a small molecule.
How does the depth of water affect light availability? How deep does light penetrate ocean water? How might this affect ocean life?
The world oceans are dynamic. One reason is because the oceans are in constant motion. One means of water motion are waves. What are waves? What are three factors that affect wave height
1.Tides are regulated by the rotation of the earth, lunar periodicity (phases of the moon), and other physical variables. Briefly describe how the shape of the coast lines and the continental slope affect tides? What are the 3 major types of tides (tidal regime)? Provide at least one example of where we would experience these types of tides.
2. What is an El Niño? How does this event begin?
3. What is upwelling? What causes this process? Briefly describe why this process is important along nearshore marine environments.
4. What are the major currents of the North Pacific Gyre? Which direction do these currents flow and why? Which of the individual currents in each gyre are warm and fast? Which are cold and slow?