Magazine Comparison Paper

Basic requirements:

• Paper must be formatted in either APA or MLA style.

• Each paper must be a minimum of three pages in length (500+ words) (it can be longer, however!) Use Times New Roman font, size 12, with normal margins and double spacing.

• Each paper must also have a properly formatted cover page and reference page (which do NOT count toward the page minimum).

• All papers must reference at least one high-quality source. (NOTE: Wikipedia does NOT qualify as an academic source. Sources that DO count may include: the course readings, the course lectures, scholarly journal articles and books that you find through the library, articles from national news organizations, documentary films, etc.)

• Structure your paper as a formal academic research paper (i.e. begin with an introductory paragraph which contains a strong thesis, introduce each new topic in the paragraphs which follow and support each topic with evidence, and then clearly conclude your arguments in a final paragraph).

• If you need help with formatting, please refer to the OWL at Purdue:

After reviewing this week’s content (hint: this assignment will be much easier to complete if you watch the documentary Killing Us Softly first), choose a popular women’s magazine and compare/contrast the content found within it to the content found in Ms. Magazine.

(Magazines that work well for this assignment include: Cosmopolitan, Elle, Allure, Glamour, Vogue, etc. and you can access all of these magazines online.)

Issues to address in your analysis:

• What messages are being conveyed to the readers of these two different magazines? For example, what do the two different magazines promote as important and worth women’s attention? How is femininity presented in each magazine?

-Specifically describe how those messages are communicated via writing, accompanying images, and advertisements.

• Finally, what do you think the outcome of these various messages are? Are there any potentially negative outcomes? Positive outcomes? Is the content of one magazine “better” than the other?

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