Literacy in early years

This is a newsletter sent home at the beginning of the year(September)to make the home-school connection and to invite parents/caregivers/guardiansto be partners in their child’s literacy learning. Remember you want to keep the newsletter simple but professional in your design and writing. This is a chance for you be creative and to articulate your understanding of literacy learning for a particular grade level, the particular grade level chosen is Grade 2. All areas of the language arts curriculum are to be discussed–oral (to include listening and speaking), writing, reading and media. There must be a connection to inclusive practice(to include children with disabilities, ELL) Describe how will you invite them into your classroom community in this newsletter The newsletter must be in your own words. No quotes or paraphrasing. The newsletter should get a clear sense of the literacy program in your learning environment/classroom and how you will engage student learning. Content – Includes all strands of a language program (oral, writing, reading and media literacy) •Identifies age/grade level •Shows understanding of the Language document or the Language sections in The Kindergarten Program, through selecting and describing relevant information that articulates your language arts program to parents •It is in your own words •Personal voice is evident through articulating role as teacher •Evidence of thoroughness is seen in the manner in which the information is presented •Inclusive practice is evident in your literacy program •Demonstrates understanding of parent community this newsletter is designed for and how as teacher you will bring them into your classroom community. THE KINDERGARTEN PROGRAM Also the 2 last pages are to be an explanation, of the level/grade you have chosen, a description of the classroom community you have chosen in terms of cultural and linguistic diversity and special needs. You may include any other information you feel is relevant to explaining the philosophy of your newsletter. In total the newsletter should be 4 pages and the explanation/reflection should be 2