In addition to helping students develop consulting skills and experience, the DSL program is committed to encouraging students to design and facilitate professional presentations, as presentation skills are also a means through which you market your expertise.

For this assignment, put yourself in the role of lead-consultant in a consulting firm. Create a professional PowerPoint presentation on “The Role of Ethics in 21st Century Organizations”—this presentation should not merely demonstrate your interest and knowledge of the subject matter, but it should inspire the reader to take action based on your conclusions; in other words, the presentation should have a consultative, inspirational, and transformative intent, while considering how culture and values are shaped by ethical assumptions.


The presentation must have between 12-15 content slides based on scholarly research.  Include  two additional slides to showcase scholarly references.

Use the note section of each slide as your script. Include a scholarly script sufficient enough for anyone to understand and deliver the presentation without your verbal added narrative.

Write as if you will be presenting in a professional setting such as a team or organization.


This is not an endorsement of a particular organization. The PowerPoint should clearly serve as a means of presenting your consulting firm as an expert in the field because of the stellar content, facilitation notes, and beautiful aesthetics of the PowerPoint presentation.

This project is graded using the ‘Minor Project Rubric’. Please click on the underlined ‘Minor Project 1’ heading above and then look at the rubric so that you know how the project will be evaluated.

Be mindful to spend ample time on the research and constructing the facilitation notes to accompany the presentation making it suitable for anyone to present.

Do not make this project bigger than it needs to be. The focus should be on showing your deep understanding of culture, values, and ethics within 21st-century organizations.

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