Judaism Argumentative Essay

ESSAY PAPERS: at least 2 pages / double spaced / 4 references correctly cited- (your textbook is one and you may use ONLY one web site reference (correctly cited))

Choose 1 major issue that you may agree or disagree with and wrestle with an augmentative essay format, how this religion deals with your chosen issue, and if the issue corresponds with reality. This means you will write in defense of the issue and in opposition to the point. Conclude with why you agree/disagree based on supporting information. This would be a good place to use the key terms and research you have gathered from your response questions.

The Grading Rubric for the essays;
Theses (T) – (10 points) provided a clear explanation of the direction of your essay
Content (C) – (25 points) followed the rules for length of the paper, size of the font, margins, used class content, etc
Understanding (U) – (25 points) shows a concise understanding of the material discussed and researched
Argument (A) – (25 points) provided an opposing argument to the theses, showing an understanding of its principles
References (R) – (15 points) provided, used effectively, and cited correctly at least 4 individual references

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