Journal: Understanding Group Dynamic

– TWO Full and DETAILED page
-no plagiarism
– in text citations must be used properly
-must follow all instructions and rubrics
-make sure you read the entire rubric
-assignment must meet “proficiency” in each category from the rubric
-make sure you answer ALL questions from the prompt
– identify the different types of groups that are commonly available to meet client needs.
-List the type of training and education recommended to ensure that group leaders or facilitators are able to provide culturally sensitive and evidence-based groups for clients.
-Describe the types of group dynamics, which need to be considered in group membership. -Finish the assignment with information you think a case manager should use to determine the type of groups to refer clients
– make sure you answer all of the four elements listed in the rubric
– must use the source/reading provided to complete this assignment
– no plagiarism of any please and thank you
-use specifics

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