Journal Scenario

Overview: In this course, there are three journal assignments. Journal assignments in this course are private between you and the instructor.
Prompt: For this assignment, you will read the two scenarios provided for your capstone project and then select one scenario and one of the
provided cities to research. You should imagine that the criminal justice organization described in your selected scenario is located within that
You will then conduct research on your selected city to find a current criminal justice issue related to the city. Consider what position you want
to hold in the future when researching issues in your chosen city. You may be able to find an issue to address in your capstone project that
resembles what you want to do; this will help you showcase the relevant skills you have developed in this program. Whatever issue you select
should be highly publicized so that you can use it as the basis of your problem analysis.
Your journal assignment should state your scenario, your city, and your chosen issue. Briefly explain why you made these selections.
Guidelines for Submission: Submit assignment as a Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch
margins. Your journal assignment should be one to two paragraphs in length.
Select one of the Following Cities for Scenario A:
 Chicago, IL
 Detroit, MI
 Memphis, TN
 Oakland, CA
 St. Louis, MO
Scenario A: Law Enforcement
You are in a leadership position in a fictitious organization located in the city you selected. The Wokefield Police Department is the fictitious police
department in your selected city. This police department has been thriving for a long time, but due to the recent rise in scrutiny of the police,
morale among employees has dropped. The drop in morale has led to numerous issues in the department. The Wokefield Police Department has
196 officers, and its jurisdiction spans 22 square miles. The Wokefield Police Department receives funding from the city and is allotted an annual
budget of $40 million. The department typically accumulates an additional $1.5 million from grants and forfeitures from the previous fiscal year, for
a total budget of $41.5 million. The bulk of the budget is spent in two main areas: employee benefits and salaries. Employee benefits account for
$15 million of the annual budget, whereas salaries and wages account for $20 million of the annual budget.
The department has currently maximized its spending because of a lack of forfeitures and grants due to a decrease in officer productivity. The
forfeiture revenue dropped $500,000 from the previous fiscal year, and this has left little to no funding for personnel items and benefits such as
new vehicles, department maintenance, and training opportunities for road patrol officers. You are a recently promoted lieutenant within the
Wokefield Police Department. As a lieutenant, your job is to supervise, plan, and coordinate the operations and planning of law enforcement
activities, including the role of watch commander. You will provide a strategic planning proposal to the chief of police that will solve an external
issue occurring in the city while also considering the internal issues occurring within the organization.

The Wokefield Police Department’s mission statement is the following:
To commit to a high level of police services and protection for the citizens of Wokefield through the early detection and reduction of crime,
an organization of concerned professionals will provide realistic services to the surrounding community in a caring, empathetic, and
sensitive manner. The Wokefield Police Department will encourage positivity while protecting life and property within the city of Wokefield.