Journal of Health Psychology

This week’s discussion assignment requires you to locate a peer-reviewed journal article AND a media piece in the popular press related to any topic that interests you and is related to the course. Both the journal article and the media piece must address the same topic. Your task will be to compare academic research findings on the topic with advice or information shared in the popular press (e.g., magazines, newspapers, blogs/websites, YouTube). Carefully follow the steps below to ensure to that you meet all requirements for your initial post. Note that this discussion is worth 10 points: In addition to the typical 5 point discussion rubric, you will be awarded 2.5 points for locating and correctly citing/referencing a peer-reviewed journal article and 2.5 points for the popular media piece. Please include an in-text citation for each within your discussion post, and include a reference entry for each at the bottom of your post. The in-text citations and references should be in APA format.Using the ASU Libraries website, locate and retrieve a scholarly journal article published recently (within the past 5 years or so) in one of the following peer-reviewed health psychology journals. Only articles from one of these journals will be accepted:- Journal of Health Psychology- Health Psychology Review- Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being- Journal of Occupational Health Psychology- Psychology, Health