Java theory

Multiple Expressions in the for Statement
See if you can find or develop a for statement with multiple initializations and/or multiple changes.
(i.e. for (exp-1, exp-2; exp-3; exp-4, exp-5))
2. Integral
What does the term “integral” mean? Compare and contrast the Java switch statement
with the case (or similar) statements of Visual Basic, Pascal, and C .
part 2
1. Large Systems
Do some Web research and see if you can identify the largest software system ever built and maintained.
Supply figures (if you can get them) on number of Software Engineers, number of companies,number of sub-systems, number of modules, and any other metrics (measures) of scope.
2. Method Overloading and Generics
Do some research and compare/contrast method overloading with the new Java language feature “generics”.
Each part with 600 words