Introduction to Organizational Leadership Principles and Concepts

Write an essay following the final essay rubric posted on Moodle.
 Using information presented throughout the course regarding organizational leadership
(including the leadership approaches, theories, behaviors, and current issues), evaluate
the results of the personal leadership improvement plan that you implemented this term.
 Basically, the final essay follows the first one. In the first, you made and described your
personal improvement plan. After you made the plan, you were to practice the changes.
Now write about how that went.
 Perhaps consider some of these questions (in any order/way that fits):
o What specific behaviors did you change?
o How did you change them?
o What theory goes with your behaviors/changes?
o Which parts of the theory did you use in your current plan (which piece applies)?
o Is it the same theory that you initially chose for your mid-term essay?
o If you changed theory, why did you change?
o What results did you see from changing your behavior?
o Do people respond differently since you are behaving differently?
o If so, how are they different?
o If not, why do you think that might be?
o Do you believe that your leadership style has improved overall? Why?
o How can you use the results and the other information from your plan in the
 The essay should be more about your plan results than about the theory, so focus more on
the changes and the results.
 Use the final essay rubric as your guide, so that you can earn the most points possible.
Save your essay in either Word or rich text format. Only essays in Word or rich text formats will
be graded.
Upload your essay to Moodle using Turnitin. The essay is due by the date and time listed on the

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