Introduction to International Development Studies

Three questions answered, one question chosen from each part; A, B, C. About 700 words for each.

A-1. Course materials suggested that globalization brought about unprecedented levels of
corporate control of resources, a trend that generated growing social conflict and resistance across
the Global South. Pick one case (either water or mineral resources) to explain the following: a) the
factors that led to the corporate takeover of the resource; b) the main features of the grassroot
resistance it generated; c) the visions of development (and of nature) offered by each camp in this
dispute; and, d) why were these conflicts relevant for development?

B-2. Akram-Lodhi suggests that the global food system affects us all, whether we are consumers in
Canada or small-scale farmers in countries like Pakistan. What does this mean to your understanding
of the ways in which our food is produced, processed, distributed, and consumed and how could this
global food system be resisted?

C-1. This course aimed to encourage students to think critically about development. This question asks you to reflect on how the course (readings, lectures, videos, and discussions) may have contributed to, expanded, or otherwise changed the ways in which you think about development from when you first enrolled in the class. In addition, we want to learn about how you critically reflect on your own place in relation to some of the development processes and relationships introduced in class.

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