Introduction to Communication (WA S221)

The various nonverbal behaviors that accompany (and sometimes substitute) for words are an important part of our study of human communication. Let’s consider the following questions to start our discussion this week:
What are the roles of nonverbal communication in the creation and maintenance of meaning?
How can we compensate (can we compensate?) for the absence of true nonverbals in computer assisted communication (text, email, Tweets, etc.)?
What are some of the factors influencing the meaning of words?
What are some of the factors that influence how you select the words you will use in various situations?
Think about communication in your life and post your responses to these questions in the discussion board…click the link 🙂
week 2
Macro Practice Exercise Thoughts…. from page 187
Macro Practice Exercise- page 187 in text
Please read the scenario and think about how you would address this dilemma knowing what you have learned from this chapter about generalist practice. List the possible responses for yourself on a piece of paper.
Pick ONE response and tell us the pros and cons of your response.
What social work values are in conflict in this situation?
How might the Code of Ethics serve to guide your decisions?