Interpreting the Past: 1920s KKK in Texas

The 1920s was a period of significant change in America. Like during most periods of rapid change, reactionary forces rose up in response to the anxieties and uncertainties these changes created. Your writing assignment is to evaluate the reactionary force of the KKK in Texas during the 1920s. Using the materials/resources in the lesson folder and independent research, you may want to address the following questions in your post: Who joined the Klan and why? Explain the political effects of widespread Klan popularity in 1920s Texas. Evaluate the appeal of the Klan in its 1920s revival; why did it both rise and collapse so suddenly? Who were some of the figures that stood up against the Klan in Texas?

your analysis and questions about some specific issue within the historical narrative you find compelling. For full credit, your paper must not simply sum up the materials or repeat points made there. Rather, I’m looking for you to create your own interpretation, or discuss some original insight, or make a connection. Include citations of the lesson materials and outside research you use at the end of your essay/post. I do not care if you use Chicago Manual of Style or MLA, I just want to see your resources. You will lose points for not using evidence if you do not include citations.

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