International Teen Pregnancy Discussion

This week we learned about pregnancy, birth and consequences of teenage pregnancy. If you recall the statistics noted in our Week 1 lesson (click here to review), the United States is considered to have a high teen pregnancy rate, even though it has declined over the last few years. However in Germany, teenage pregnancy is not a major social problem. Germany also has a stable economy and is a highly urbanized country. So why do you think the low teen pregnancy rate is true? What lessons could the U.S. take from Germany’s low rate?

To help you understand more about Germany’s policies regarding sexual education and to hear the perspective of two different teens in Germany, please read this week’s vignette. You will hear from a teen who is sexually active but not pregnant and from a teen mother of two. Note the differences in their lifestyles. Once you have read the vignette, please answer the questions above. To review:

Why do you think there is a low teen pregnancy rate in Germany compared to the U.S.?
What lessons can the U.S. take from Germany’s low rate?

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