Institutionalist Tradition

A critical reflection is a short summary of one or possibly two of the core readings for the seminar which focuses on a key issue which you find interesting. Although you have the freedom to decide the form of the reflection, you may want to address one of the week’s questions (see below) or follow one of the following formats:
Keeper: an idea you want to keep. It may be a concept that was useful, a problem posed that was particularly compelling, a question that you are compelled to address, or whatever it may be.
Query: a question that is posed by the readings. It might be a question about the use or misuse of evidence, a proposed flaw in the theoretical framework, a “so what” or “what next” question, or whatever it may be.
Application: the idea, applied. It might be a topic or policy issue that the idea illuminates, an intellectual puzzle that now appears unlocked, the difficulty in operationalizing the idea, or whatever it may be.