In re Dinnerstein

The assignment requires you to research a given topic and explain how each case came about. In the paper, you are required to give a brief summary of the case and also explain the significance of the case to the medical field. In addition to the mentioned requirements, you must discuss the precedents set by each case, and highlight the possible outcomes the case may have had if the losing party may have won the case (Feel free to take this part of the paper in whichever direction you see fit. Keep in mind that the outcome must be realistic, and you must state how a different outcome would have affected the particular part of the healthcare industry). . The research paper must be written in APA format, and include the following:
1. Title/Cover Page
2. Abstract Page
3. Case Description/Overview
4. Describe each party (Plaintiff and Defendant) and their interests in the case
5. Outcome of the case/Future effects on the field
6. Precedents/ Decisions of future cases based on the outcome of your case
7. A minimum of 4 scholarly sources

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