Improving flow and productivity in a Primary Care Clinic

Using the provided primary care clinic case study answer the questions below

Summarize the current issues at the primary care clinic that need to addressed and improved upon.
Brainstorm as a group to identify potential recommendations for improvement based on the case study, the prior analysis of the adjacent urgent care (and example provided) and your understanding of clinic operations.
List your potential improvements:

Apply constraint management to the patient flow at the BFPG primary care clinic to determine how workflow might be re-engineered to shorten patient encounter times and improve productivity. Constraint management should inform decisions of when and where to invest in additional resource capacity. Flow should be viewed through the lens of constraint management’s five focusing steps:
Identify the constraint
Exploit the constraint (consider idle time, appointment fill rate, etc.)
Subordinate all activities and resources to the constraint (Better synchronizing the current workflow around the constraint will improve the clinic’s productivity. Any workflow changes should address the issues raised in Step 2.)
Elevate the constraint
Return to the Step 1. and look for a new constraint

Your analysis should be similar to the one provided for the urgent care, although the clinic may lend itself to a more detailed one. You can use the potential recommendations you identified in question 2, if they help solve the constraint or enhance flow.

What other operational improvement tools that we discussed in this course, could be used to improve the flow of the clinic? You can use examples if appropriate (this answer should be approximately 1-2 pages).