Impact of COVID-19 on small business

For this paper, we have to merge all the work we did during the semester. I have around 5 papers that have to be referenced in this paper. we cant put same exact information from those papers, we have to write new information but with what those papers say. Each section for this paper have it own papers, some have two and both have to be used for this paper. We can summarize what the papers say and put it in this paper. Please try to use articles referenced in the papers but we can use extra if necessary.
Introduction paper is for the introduction section, this is what we are talking about, please answer each question with reference to that paper and its articles.
Scholary research paper 1 and 2 its for the scholary research section. I also attached the original articles I used to create those papers, please answer those questions in reference to those papers and articles.
News Research papers 1 and 2, is for the new research section, same as before, use those papers to reference and if needed look up more information but follow the rubric.
And the reflection section is just a wrap up about everything.
thanks if any questions please contact me.

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