Impact of corporate announcements on stock performance of public companies in transportation industry

In your project you are expected to analyse the corporate
announcements of public companies operating in transportation
industry. The student’s personal judgement on the impact of corporate
announcements on stock performance of the public companies in
transportation industry is imperative.
The following content is suggested for the analysis of the topic in
 Measure the stock performance, i.e. return of stock price, for
transportation companies listed on stock exchanges, e.g.
 Discover and examine various public announcements of
transportation companies by conducting content analysis of
their press releases
 Compare the stock performance with the public
announcements by correlating the data used to measure the
dependent variable (i.e. return of the stock prices) with the
data used to measure the independent variables (e.g. public
announcements about quarterly earnings)
 Illustrate which corporate announcements had an impact on
transportation companies’ stock performance

Format – Each student will prepare the written project using the
following required format:
 Title page – Include the title of the project, the student’s name
and the DEREE identification number, the course number and
name (e.g., MG 4415 Strategic Management), the project due
date, the instructor’s name and the word count.
 Table of Contents – Identifies the sections (introduction, main
body, conclusion, and the appropriate headings and
subheadings throughout) in the written project and the
associated page number for each.
 List of Figures – Identifies the figures of the report. List page
numbers of all figures. The list should include the title for each
 List of Tables – Identifies the tables of the report. List page
numbers of all tables. The list should include the title for each
 Introduction – Includes a brief statement of what the student
intends to accomplish in the project, and a summary of what
follows in main body.
 Main Body – Includes the development of the selected topic
(with appropriate headings and subheadings within the main
 Conclusion – Includes a brief statement of what you have
accomplished through your discussion in the main body of the
 Tables – Tables should supplement, not duplicate, the text.
Give each table a caption. Place a table caption single-spaced
above each table.
 Figures – Give each figure a caption. Place a figure caption
single-spaced below each figure.
 References – Identifies the academic sources and other
published information which you have used (e.g., journal
articles, books, your textbook in this course, conference
proceedings); please refrain from using Wikipedia and other
wiki sources, as generally, they are not considered to be
academic sources.
 Attachments – Includes written material, visual aids and
graphics that you choose not to place in the main text.
 Appendix – Includes related material not deemed necessary to
be in the main text.
 Turnitin Originality Report – the Turnitin Digital Receipt and the
entire Originality Report must be attached at the end of the
 Folder – Place the project in a folder of your choice; it should
not be submitted only with the pages stapled or clipped
together in the upper left corner.

Mechanics – Each student should adhere to the following technical
 Documentation: APA style is required; a guide is available
at: – Easybib Pro.
 Word length: 1,800 – 2,200 words; it is compulsory to report
the number of words at the end of the paper. A violation of
the specified word limit results in a 10% grade penalty in the
student’s work.
 Submission: The project must be word processed, and each
student will submit the project electronically and in paper
 Typing: Use letter font Calibri 11. Please use line space at
1.15 and margins of 2.54 cm and 3.17 cm for top-down and
left-right, respectively. Leave space between paragraphs of 6
pt. Use headings (Bold 12 font) and subheadings (Italic 11
font) where appropriate with space of 18 pt and 12 pt for
headings and subheadings, respectively.

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