Immigrants in New York City

Immigrants in New York City, Washington Height
Immigrants to the United States come from many different countries for many reasons. Please provide the following immigrant/refugee information for your county, city, or state. This can be in narrative, bullet, or table format.
• Name of City or County where you live and are reporting statistics
• % of immigrant population in the county (Dominicans, in Washington Height, New York City)
• Country of origin of immigrant population in county (Dominica Republic)
• Race/ethnicity, gender, and ages of the immigrant population
• The education level of the immigrant population
• Most common barriers facing immigrants in your county
• Health care available to immigrant population in your area
• Immigrant advocacy groups that are present in your area
In APA 7th edition format. Information should be referenced and cited appropriately. All resources should be peer reviewed, scholarly sources less than 5 years old.

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