I need help with making seasons,fiscal year and recall in excel for sheet 1.

FISCAL_YEAR of the Order Date in Column AC, corresponding to the Fiscal Year dates of Sept 1 to August 31, written as FYXXXX where XXXX is the date. For example, the current fiscal year which began on 1 September 2021 will end on 31 August 2022, and would be written as “FY2022”. An Order Date of July 1, 2021 would be FY2021. An Order Date of Dec 12, 2021 would be FY2022.
RECALL in Column AD, defined as:if the product number ends in 55, and the order date is prior to the first of January 2008, then the product has been recalled. For products recalled, the cell value in AD should be “True”, otherwise the value should be “False”.