Human Influenza Evolution

All seven papers for the required assignments have been posted. Remember that you are required to provide a review article for two papers. These are entirely based on your choice of which one to review. The due date/time is Sunday, April 18th at 11:59 p.m. This is one full week prior to the start of Finals Week.


I want to keep the paper requirements as simple as possible. You must use double-spacing, one inch margins, and a 12-point font. I am keeping the font choice flexible, but please use common sense. If not (e.g., Broadway), I may return the paper for revision or view it as less than the three-page requirement. What I am also attempting to avoid is use of void spaces as attempts to make the paper appear complete. Trust that I have seen many different styles and attempts to “smoke-screen” a paper as complete.


Assignment minimum: three complete pages. Feel free to reference other related or relevant papers, but you do not need a references/citations page. If you want to include a figure or series of figures that is perfectly fine but that will not count towards your three pages of text content.


Please check the scoring rubric under your “Content” tab.


As good model to use to start your paper is noted below:


[Top of paper, one inch from top]


Name, Date

[One space between name and paper start]

Start of paper…


Papers must be submitted via BlackBoard using SafeAssign. Please be aware of plagiarism: if you take a sentence from someone else’s work and only change one or a couple of words, it is still plagiarism even if you cite the source. You must rewrite it in your own words. Plagiarism is a serious offense of academic misconduct: check the student handbook for details, but it can lead to judicial proceedings and even expulsion from the college. Student work may be checked using plagiarism detection software. Each idea has to be referenced (and in the sentence where the idea appears), you cannot simply cite the reference once at the end of a paragraph containing many ideas from the same source. In such cases, you can avoid referencing each idea yet still indicate your source through careful writing, e.g.:

“Roberts and Janovy (1985) were the first to study this phenomenon. They found that …,further, when the … . Roberts and Janovy go on to state that … and their conclusion was… .”


“Roberts and Janovy (1985) were the first to study this phenomenon. In the following paragraph, I will review their work. …..”


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