HSA4184 Respond the following (2)

Post A)
Diversity deals with understanding cultural differences and adopting strategies for handling them. Healthcare facilities experience workforce changes as the employees come from different backgrounds and cultures (Dye, 2017). Therefore, organization leaders need to sensitize employees on cultural differences and similarities that exist among them. Moreover, leaders should teach employees how to interact with others effectively. Healthcare leaders should ensure that employees can differentiate, appreciate and understand others’ cultures. They can use different mechanisms to ensure that employees understand diversity, cultural competence, and sensitivity
They can organize for training. In this, employees will be advised by leaders on how to relate with others based on their culture (Dye, 2017). Moreover, employees should be aware of using a cautious approach when dealing with people since they have different beliefs and cultures. Competence allows them to effectively interact with employees, patients, and other stakeholders regardless of their cultures. Therefore, healthcare leaders are responsible for providing a conducive environment for employees through organizing training for cultural diversity, competence, and sensitivity.
Dye, C. F.,