Housing, Water, Food, and Faith in Baltimore

Prompt: Describe how RESIDENTIAL RACIAL SEGREGATION (info on this on the Research Materials Document) has shaped contemporary religious groups involved in either HOUSING, FOOD, or WATER justice efforts in Baltimore.

Pick ONLY ONE issue and ONE organization, you can ONLY CHOOSE from the following options:
1) Jews United for Justice on housing/rental court;
2) the Black Church Food Security Network on food justice;
3) the Institute for Islamic, Christian, and Jewish Studies on water justice.
Materials on each of these issues and organizations are available in the Research Materials Document (Links to an external site.) – ONLY USE materials from this document.

Format & Guidelines for Essays:

1,200 word minimum (about 4 pages long); 12pt Times New Roman font; double spaced; 1inch margins;
ONLY use and cite information from our UWR Textbook, Guest Lectures, and Research Materials Folder (Links to an external site.) (do NOT look up or cite info from other websites or books);
Include a at least 3 APA formatted citations of your sources per each body paragraph – include only citations from the UWR Textbook, Guest Lectures, sources from the Research Materials Folder (click here for APA citation instructions (Links to an external site.))
Include an introductory paragraph with a thesis sentence (e.g. “In this essay I will…” – click here for instructions on developing a thesis statement (Links to an external site.)) and at least three more sentences outline what your essay will cover (use future tense) (100 words);
Include a concluding paragraph restating your thesis sentence (e.g. “In this essay I have…”) and the outline of what your essay covered (use past tense) and also what you personally think and learned about the subject or what work remains to be done – (200 words).

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