History Video Questions

3) List some of important black objectives and aspirations during this very important era.
4) Define ‘Black Reconstruction’. Was it a success or not? Explain your answer.
5) Who founded the KKK and when and for what purposes did it appear?
6) Explain why the North gradually withdrew its support for these objectives. Include the Compromise of 1877.
7) Examine why the end of Reconstruction lead to the reestablishment of White racist governments in the South.
8) Describe the southern laws at this time that segregated and disfranchised African Americans and were reinforced with violence and terror tactics?
9) Explain the roles of Benjamin “Pap” Singleton and Ida B. Wells in the early resistance to Jim Crow.
10) Who was Booker T. Washington and what was his opinion on ‘Jim Crow’? Include the ‘Atlanta Compromise’.
11) Describe the 1896 Supreme Court ‘Plessy v. Ferguson’ ruling. What atrocious supposition was affirmed by this decision?
12) Considering the events of our day, how would you ascertain the present and future of race relations in our nation? Are you pessimistic or optimistic? Please explain your response.
Please number all the questions and NO OUTSIDE SOURCES besides the video. Answer the questions while watching the video, it’ll be easier