Help with programming essentials i don’t this?

Your program design should contain the following:
The main menu of your program is to continue to prompt the user for
an arithmetic choice until the user enters a sentinel value to quit the
calculator program.
When the user chooses an arithmetic operation (i.e. addition) the
operation is to continue to be performed (i.e. prompting the user for
each number, displaying the result, prompting the user to add two more
different numbers) until the user enters a sentinel value to end the
chosen arithmetic operation.
If the user chooses division, do not allow the user to divide by 0.
Display an error message to user and ask the user to choose another
You are to submit the following for the assignment:
Submit your C source code that you generated from RAPTOR with
comments added to each line or where necessary to explain program flow.
Also submit the RAPTOR file (flowchart) of your working program.
Make sure you run it to make sure it is error free and does what it is supposed to.
You can use the generate dropdown to create example C code based on
your working logical flow chart to see what the code would look like.