Help needed with SQL queries using mysql dbms

Course Project Phase 1
Summary: SQL Queries Using MySQL DBMS. Reference the attached video (Course Project Ph1 VIDEO.mp4), for a full introduction and demonstration for the MySQL DBMS, and general background for your Course Project Ph1.
SQL File as follows: YourLastName_Project_Ph1_Query.sql. File must contain SELECT statement and required clauses to address the required tasks note below (Query 1-10).
MS Word as follows: YourLastName_Project_Ph1_Output. This file contains the queries and outputs.
Zipped file, students are required to upload a ZIP file containing these two documents.
Required Software:
MySQL DBMS by Oracle. MySQL Community Server and MySQL Workbench.
Lab Steps:
Step 1: Download and install the MySQL DBMS System by Oracle. Follow the step-by-step instructions attached to install the MySQL DBMS in your computer. Also, reference the supplemental text: Available for Free download as part of our UC Library. MySQL Database Usage