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Topic: How to Reduce Food Waste across the United States.
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How to research?
We will first analyze the online education industry, including the current and potential market size, development process, competitive landscape, and business modes. Then we will dig into companies annual reports to further understand their competitive advantages and strategies, especially marketing ones, where we would consider using some business models such as SWOT, Porter’s Five Forces. We will also interpret their overall financial situation, including revenue generation, profitability, and liquidity.We may then integrate information about how new technologies are applied in online education and how companies invest in those application scenarios. For example, AR and VR could promote students’ learning experience and thus effectiveness. AI may help provide personalized study guidance and plans.
We would gather data such as the number of students and penetration rate to estimate the market size in different markets. Based on that, we may provide recommendations about which market segment would have more potential and less competition, such as how much online education has penetrated the market in lower-tier cities.