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Stan’s peers were discussing how their organizations were benefiting from cloud computing. Stan Mizel and his management team wish to learn more about cloud computing. You have been identified as a subject matter expert on cloud computing. You have been hired to educate Stan Mizel and the management team at Peyton Trade Show Design on cloud computing. In an 8- to 12-slide presentation created in PowerPoint, complete the following:
Identify the essential characteristics of cloud computing.
Explain how organizations today are implementing three primary delivery models for cloud: private, public, and hybrid.
Illustrate each of the three primary delivery models for cloud by creating a high-level diagram.
Summarize the information you presented at the end of your presentation.
The key to a successful presentation on a selected topic relates to your ability to research credible sources and organize the information accordingly. This includes the amount of text you put on each slide and the selective use of infographics and images to support your chosen topic on each slide. Remember, you can use the notes section of each slide to provide an enhanced narrative of your talking points, content outline, and additional supporting details. Please refrain from taking all of those elements and typing them onto a slide, causing an overwhelming amount of content. Keep your slides concise and visually appealing.All references must be in APA style and from credible academic resources, including peer-reviewed industry trade publications or articles from the SNHU Shapiro Library database system. Images from the Web are allowed; just be mindful about crediting where they came from in your slide notes.