Healthcare provider leadership essay

This essay is based on a physician assistant program, developing leadership in healthcare. It asks to reflect upon your vision from your application letter and my vision was becoming an empathetic provider that practices evidence based medicine in a rural area. I have attached an example of my entrance letter for background information and why im passionate about empathy. I also attached an example of my essay for same course completed at the start of my physician assistant program for comparison. As far as leadership skills learned in the program- it would be based off of working in medicine and treating patients and can be fabricated with obvious leadership skills that would be learned with patient care.

Leadership Goals Paper (60%):
Looking Back While Planning Ahead (60 Points): Paper should be NO more than 5 pages including reference page and title page in APA format. The goal of this paper is for you to reflect on your leadership growth experienced over the program and how that supports the vision you identified in your admission letter.
(5 points): Clearly state your goal or passion identified in your admissions letter.
(20 points): Clearly identify and discuss which leadership skills you developed in the program that will help you fulfill your goal or mission you identified in your admission letter.
(15 points): Briefly comment on how you will utilize your leadership skills to implement your desired goals as identified in your admission letter.
(10 points): Reflect on the leadership skills that you may need to develop in order to fulfill your mission or vision that you identified in your application letter.
(5 points): Summary
(5 points): APA style, format and grammar

A note from the teacher: Leadership is not management, you are not learning how to manage people but lead by understanding how you are your best. When you are your best others will follow you or be inspired by you, so when watching the different videos keep this thought in mind. A great leader can inspire groups of people for common good or the opposite.

Sources to use:
Reference to this book:
Kouzes, J.M., & Posner, B.Z. (2017).The leadership challenge: How to make extraordinary things happening organizations(6th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.
Kouzes, J., & Posner, B. (2012). The leadership challenge (5th ed.). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

Please use these suggested resource videos for sources:
TED Talks in Healthcare Leadership (
Six Leadership Styles (

Leadership Styles: Which Type of Leader Are You? (

Brené Brown on Empathy: (this one will be very useful for my theme).

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