Healthcare Management Information Systems

You are a Chief Information Officer (CIO) or Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO), or similar position, of your healthcare system/provider firm (ABC).
Your CEO sent you the following two links to articles written by Stacey and Khuntia (2020):
2020ModernHealthcareCOVID.pdf Download 2020ModernHealthcareCOVID.pdf (Links to an external site.) (
Both articles highlight a point: “embrace digital healthcare”, but do not provide any further details on how to do it. Therefore, the CEO asked you to plan for it and write a memo to him. He wants specific justified recommendations and actionable plans to reorient the digital health strategy of ABC firm, and achieve success in the post-COVID-19 situation.
Your memo should be around two-three single-spaced pages, and will not exceed five pages. You may use the appendix for additional illustrations/materials. Your memo will consist of at least the following points.
Define and describe the ABC firm briefly. Clearly articulate the healthcare service the firm is providing and the target customers. You may select your existing organization or any other. ABC firm can be a hospital, clinic, health system, or any provider-specific organization. Avoid pure-payor or finance-relevant firms. (10 points).
Provide a brief narrative of the current health IT in ABC firm (10 points). You may provide good and bad aspects, success, and failures around current health IT in ABC firm.
Recommendations and Action PlansRecommendations with brief justifications for ABC firm to “embrace digital healthcare” (30 points): Remember, you make the case and then argue to win it. In any case, the future of the ABC firm is in your hands. You may limit the recommendation, and subsequent action plans to one area, such as providing quality care, patient satisfaction/empowerment, analytics, smart health, population orientation, etc.
Your action plan for ABC firm to “embrace digital healthcare” (30 points): Be optimistic but also practical. Mention what can be executed, and what cannot be, if any.

Provide the relevance/contribution of your solution to the health care value propositions (20 points) You will touch base on how the firm is positioned concerning the cost, efficiency, and effective delivery challenges in healthcare. How your proposed solution will link or provide any relevant context for the firm to address any or all of the above healthcare challenges (e.g., cost, efficiency, and effectiveness)?

You may use diagrams, illustrations, notes, bullet points to present your ideas. Remember, you will use the first-person perspective to write the memo to the CEO, in professional and business language. The CEO knows that you can collect academic and business references from the cases and papers discussed in the class to provide a highly articulated write-up. Your CEO is also well informed and reads academic and business papers to gather information. Thus, you are writing to an informed decision-maker or reader