Health Budget Analysis
Now, imagine you are a healthcare administrator in the Los Angeles County health care sector, employed in one of the systems that has been analyzed (Medi-Cal, Department of State Hospitals, or the Department of Public Health). Review the analysis of the budget within your system. After carefully reviewing the budget summary (including actual and estimated costs from previous years), perform a budget analysis.
Your analysis should cover the following:
Are the spending allocations being anticipated in alignment with trends from previous years?
If you could, how would you allocate spending differently?
Is the report sufficient to predict future trends? Why or why not?
Which variance do you find most significant? Why? Is it favorable or unfavorable?
Do you agree with the LAO and the governor regarding the proposed budget for your system? Why or why not?
Your paper should be 3 to 4 pages in length and include support from the required readings and at least one outside source.
follow APA 7th edition formatting and citation.