Hand drawings to scale

3 part-s Sketches, drawings, plan, furniture drawings etc Need it by hand drawn. I had done this but there are some slight corrections which are needed but being that am held up i request you guys to help me solve them. I have exactly 1 day. I will be attaching the initial instructions files together with my initial solution and the remarks from my lecturer. Thanks
For section A you have shown the symbols however you have not shown these clearly enough and at the 3 required scales. You need to go back and have another look at this.You need to show all drawings on one page, each with a scale bar so the use of scale can be digitally assessed. You then need to get this drawing scanned so this ispresented nice and clearly. Please have another look at this assignment making sure to show the three scales clearly and accurately. Dimensions are not required on theseparticular drawings as they should be produced to the different scales .For section B you have not clearly differentiated between sections B and C. I am also not sure what you mean by the title concerning arrows and duty, this is not required.There is an issue with how you have shown the plan in that is very stretched making the room a lot wider than it is. You need to print out the plan on A4 with no stretch so youare exploring the options for the space as it is shown on the plan. You have shown some furniture, but there needs to be 3 clear furniture layout options, so make sure eachoptions is labelled. There is an issue with the scale and proportion of some of the symbols here. For example the dining table and chairs is very much smaller than the sofa sojust check your basic measurements here. There also need to be traffic flow lines and arrows to show the different journeys around the space . Each of your 3 options needs tohave a written explanation for each so please go back and have another look at each section.It is not clear what is considered section C in your submission. You need to make sure to draw your chosen layout from section B to scale , with a scale bar and using fullsymbols. This drawing needs to be inked in like a full technical drawing.Summary FeedbackPlease go back and have another look at this assignment following both the assignment instructions and the feedback provided here to guide you.