Group discussion 2

State v. Wright :: 2021 :: Iowa Supreme Court Decisions :: Iowa Case Law :: Iowa Law :: US Law :: Justia
10 Points, due October 15, 2021 at the beginning of your class period.
In the same format as the First Group, with five high quality posts each, please read at least the majority opinion of the case, beginning of pages 3-40 (you can skim this, but read toward the end closely regarding the reasoning for the ruling., and the last dissenting opinion, pages 110-123. I had to look up Aerial and her spirits. Did the majority of the Iowa Supreme Court decide correctly? Does it seem logical that people have a reasonable expectation in their garbage in an alley in Clear Lake, Iowa? Why or why not? Have fun, and be unafraid. This case is actually a doozy, and I bet you haven’t seen the last of it.