Global Strat/policy/regulation

At least 500 words for the question below and two reference including textbook below.


There is a myth that only large MNEs do business abroad and that SMEs mostly operate domestically. So we will examine entrepreneurship and internationalizing entrepreneurial firms. How do small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) grow? Where the money for startups come from? Next, elaborate upon why some countries generate more SMEs than other countries, while other countries are good at generating fast-growth entrepreneurial firms, often in various technology sectors. Finally, how do they enter international markets?

As an exercise, please visit the GEM site  and download the latest GEM Global report (2019/2020). Look, for example, at total early-stage entrepreneurship activity (TEA score) and employee entrepreneurial activity (EEA) by country. They are both explained in the Report. Pick one or two countries and discuss them.


Please feel free to elaborate upon these topics in a discussion over key concepts you found most interesting and/or appealing in chapters 5 and 6 of the book below.




Required textbook:

Peng, M. (2014). Global strategy (3rd ed.).

Publisher: Cengage Learning

Print ISBN: 9781285545004, 1285545001

eText ISBN: 9781285545004, 1285545001

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