Global Health Question


Question 2True or False? A patient has a clinical dataset that includes a surgeon’s opinion that an undetected psychological issue may be exacerbating health problems. Such a dataset is seriously defective.TTrue

Question 3How can the adoption of commercial digital applications in health care be fairly described?Very weak
Strong in some areas
Nearly universal
Best in areas for cost savings

Question 4EHRs are mostly about doing what?Satisfying insurance demands
Collecting patient data over time
Preventing government fines
Maintaining accreditation

Question 5Which of the following would best aid in the adoption of digitization in health care in a multi-site rural primary care practice?Government incentives
Increased education
More capacity
Licensing requirements

Question 6True or False? Health system administrators are key stakeholders in digitization of health care.TTrue

Question 7A health IS/IT system would be deficient if it failed to:report data to the government.
aggregate data.
calculate costs.
correct medical decisions.

Question 8Which length of time used by a health digitization company for a project would be most surprising?1 week
3 weeks
4 weeks
8 weeks

Question 9True or False? As data become more complex, OLAP tools become more important.TTrue

Question 10True or False? A trend in healthcare digitization and innovation is the emergence of middleman companies to help innovators and health systems work together.TTrue

Question 11True or False? Good health data can be partial.TTrue

Question 12Which of the following criteria was added to the EHR definition in 2015?Ethnicity
Number of live births
Smoking status
Contact information

Question 13True or False? Global capitation places very great pressure on a healthcare system for efficiency.TTrue

Question 14Technical infrastructure for digital healthcare innovation currently:runs well ahead of demand.
is sadly lacking.
comes from offshore companies.
receives substantial government subsidies.

Question 15Which of the following would be most specific as a benefit of digital health commercialization, as opposed to digitization benefits in the economy in general?Cost reduction
Operational efficiency
Less governmental regulation
Improved customer experience

Question 16True or False? HMOs tend to use capitated models to determine the payments they make to hospitals.TTrue

Question 17True or False? Innovator companies often misperceive the needs of healthcare systems.TTrue

Question 18True or False? The data to get regulatory approval often do not match the data needed to make sales.TTrue

Question 19True or False? Infrastructure in health IS/IT includes both hardware and software.TTrue

Question 20In today’s legal and regulatory climate, which of the following best describes how IS/IT systems for birth centers should share data on the same patient among providers?Randomized
Double blind

Question 21Which of the following has most clearly forced the growth of health IS/IT in the United States?Malpractice suits
Decreased cost of tests
Embedded measuring devices

Question 22True or False? Capitation will encourage an urban primary care practice to maximize cost containment.TTrue

Question 23Which of the following do hospitals prize least?Disruption
Fast change
Centralized decision making

Question 24True or False? The Platform/Interface Component of health IS/IT connects IT professionals and medical practitioners.TTrue

Question 25True or False? If two patients with similar names can be confused in a health IT system, there has been a failure of EKG.TTrue
Question 1True or False? Primary and secondary healthcare data could help improve the operational efficiency of a rural county health service.TTrue

Question 2SCM and ERP are approaches are taken at which level of a healthcare organization?Financial
Customer service

Question 3Health data are expected to grow from 2013 to 2020 by approximately what percentage per year?2%

Question 4Which of the following falls outside the most common current uses of healthcare data?Improving clinical outcomes
Analyzing costs
Designing new devices
Assessing public health

Question 5Between 2013 and 2015, approximately what fraction of hospitals added online patient access to medical records?Three-quarters

Question 6What kind of goals will CRM help organizations meet?Long-term

Question 7When a nurse makes a voice recording of patient notes and includes that directly in an EHR, this is considered to be:big data.
unstructured data.
private data.
omitted data.

Question 8Which of the following is information that is least likely to be in a healthcare database?Food preferences
Body temperature

Question 9In the case study from Marion, Ohio, the Caduceus MMIS was:an IT system to handle information from many kinds of doctors.
a module for training nurses in online data entry.
the relevant Ohio regulatory body.
a supplier of surgical supplies.

Question 10Which of the following organization types has probably lagged in its implemented of HMIS over the last 20 years?Lawnmower manufacturer
Community hospital
Clothing store
Local bank

Question 11How much of the future benefit from HMIS in health care will likely end up in the hands of primary care and other providers?1–2%

Question 12Patients served by a CRM should expect to receive what after diagnosis?Many EOB forms
Cost savings
Suggestions for alternative treatments
Feedback forms from the government

Question 13Which of the following will most likely drive health care to be the fastest growing industry sector in HMIS implementation?Aging
Population mobility
Economic decline
Regulatory requirements

Question 14What is the cost of healthcare fraud in the United States each year?Approximately one trillion dollars
Tens to hundreds of billions of dollars
Approximately $20 billion
Hundreds of millions of dollars

Question 15True or False? If a surgeon fails to complete records on a hernia operation by putting notes in the wrong places on an online form, this could be due to a poorly designed system error.TTrue

Question 16True or False? An uncooperative patient could contribute to data omission errors.TTrue
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