Geographical thinking about ‘nature’ Read the following pieces, responses to the questions posed below 500 words need

The Task
Read the following pieces, and consider your responses to the questions posed below:
Cockburn, P. 2021. NSW koala stoush ends as Nationals and Liberals agree to remove red tape for farmers. ABC News, (Links to an external site.)
Ministerial Media Release, 8 March 2021, NSW Government delivers Koala SEPP 2021, (Links to an external site.)
Loane, C. 2021. Analysis: New Koala SEPP Commences in NSW – But Worse is Yet to Come. Environmental Defenders Office. (Links to an external site.). (you might also consider the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment ‘Koala SEPP 2021 FAQ’ document linked at the end of Loane’s article, also available here (Links to an external site.).)
In light of this information discuss following questions in class and prepare written responses for your tutorial paper:
Why is the Koala considered to be at risk of extinction by 2050? (1 Mark)
The Koala SEPP 2021, according to the Deputy Premier Mr Barilaro, “balances the interests of farmers and the protection of koalas and their habitat”. Why are there now two SEPPS, and how do they achieve this balance? (1 Mark)
Do people agree the SEPP’s are beneficial to koalas? Why/why not? (1 Mark)
In your opinion, how should the rights of more-than-human species be weighted when balancing biodiversity with the rights of landholders? (2 Marks)
For your assessment task please provide written responses to these questions as a PDF document with your SID. Please limit your total response to 500-700 words. Ensure you use references (Harvard) and note that references are not included in your word count.