GE Healthcare SWOT and Sustainable Competitive Advantage Application Research Report

I am including 2 example files. Plus two other files of the first and second paper I wrote. This paper will need to incorporate the content of both my papers and additional research and critical thinking.

Please see specifics below. This must be in APA format.

SWOT and Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Building on the analysis and findings from the External and Internal application research reports, in this module you will integrate the findings in a SWOT and sustainable competitive advantage analysis (i.e., pull what you have written from the first two assignments on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, and rewrite them to develop a full SWOT analysis with additional insights gleaned from your continued research). Be sure to include a SWOT table.

The concurrent module readings are innovation centric. Although not directly related to the application research report activity, this is an opportunity to introduce innovation/disruption strategies into the SWOT that might not have been apparent in prior analysis.

Research – this is the opportunity to revisit both the internal and external analyses, to further research based on gaps and feedback from your instructor, and to seek alignment of information and findings.

Analyze the external and internal findings from the past two modules to develop a refined understanding of SWOT, and the ability of the firm to sustain competitive advantage in the next 3-5 years. What does the firm have to do to establish or maintain competitive advantage – how do strengths and weaknesses align with the opportunities and threats?

Report the newly developed SWOT and Sustainable Competitive Advantage.