Four Ethical Theories

Explain and evaluate the four ethical theories that we have discussed in class: Virtue ethics, Utilitarianism, Deontological ethics (Kantian ethics), and Care theory. Be sure to mention the main concepts and contributor(s) to the particular theory. The essay should be 800 words, and it is suggested that the word count is distributed evenly (roughly) among the theories (200 for each or more depending on whether you have an intro/conclusion).

The essay is worth 15% of your grade. Each description of an ethical theory theory is worth 4 points. Spelling and clarity of expression are also worth 4 points, with 20 points possible. It is advised that students spend time editing so that sentences and words that do not contribute to the movement of the essay are kept at a minimum.

Remember that I am looking specifically for whether you have done the READINGS.

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