Food system in the 21st century

takes academic integrity very seriously. Writing and submitting assignments must be done independently – you must submit an original paper that you yourself wrote, with appropriate references. Academic citing is not mandatory and no points will be deducted due to the lack of it, however, every idea presented in an answer that is not the student’s own original thought requires a reference. It might seem like using the ideas of others is a problem. However, this is not the case. Scholarship is a conversation; that is, you are expected to read, analyze, process and respond to the ideas of others when writing your papers, in a way that makes the final essay your own. The key to doing this without plagiarizing is to cite your sources.

Assignment Instructions

Answer the questions below. Spacing 1.5, font of your choosing, size 12. Hebrew submissions are possible. Please Note: your answers should be anchored in knowledge you have gained from the videos unless stated otherwise. However, you are expected to build upon it, research further, expand and develop these core frames, as well as present an original argument, providing adequate reasoning and examples.

Please refrain from copying content from the transcripts as it is considered to be a violation of the code of ethics. Papers found to be too similar to other papers or to the video transcriptions will be suspected with plagiarism and might disqualify.

1. Please explain what the environmental costs of intensive farming (conventional agriculture) are. In your answer, explain the connection to the Green Revolution, chemical fertilizers and the common conventional agriculture. Additionally, in your explanation, use at least 5 terms from the following list and use them to further develop your argument. Please note – Your answer should be written as a narrative with a beginning, middle and end. The reader of the text must understand what the environmental costs in the narrative are.

Organic matter
Earth worms
Loss of seed Biodiversity
Tragedy of the commons
Your answer should not exceed over 1.5 pages. Font size and spacing are strictly as listed. Misuse will result in penalties.

2. You are asked to write a position piece for the United Nations with recommendations to address an issue we studied in our course. Pick an issue from the course’s units, explain it and let us know – what would your recommendations be? In you answer, please refer to at least 2 academic papers which support your opinion.

Knowledge sharing websites, such as Wikipedia and EcoWiki, are NOT considered academic sources.

Your answer should not exceed over 1 page. Font size and spacing are strictly as listed. Misuse will result in penalties.

You have to answer those question according to the course videos that are on my account will give you the username and password

The log-in information will be provided to the assigned writer.
Here’s the link but if it doesn’t work connect with the username click on courses —> 2021 1st semester —> food system course

And really important write with an easy English please

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