Food As Medicine

Food As Medicine •

Describe the theory of the Five Transformations of Energy. (see attached )

Apply this theory (The Five Transformations of Energy) to food as it pertains to using food therapeutically to alter various health conditions.

• The whole point is to see food as medicine and how specific foods can work to create wellness and even alter the course of the disease and affect healing. Cooking Dishes (specific food can be used as an example that would be cooked in a meal that fits into these categories) within the fire, earth, metal, water, and tree – each of these has a condition or conditions attached (The Five Transformations of Energy).

• Discuss and think about how food can be used as medicine.

• The career path (Nutrition) requires working with people on changing their food to be healthier. There needs to be an understanding of how food works both from the science and nutrition standpoint and from the energetic standpoint of this theory (The Five Transformations of Energy).

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