excel spreadsheet, slides for powerpoint, and financial statemen report

This alot but short assignments with one big assignment
1. Complete the remaining slides 4-9 for Caloosa Pools I will add these pictures when you accept I cant add anymore
2.Week 4 Submit completed red eye example – export as a .png file – do not leave in .xcf format- Ethan picture
3.Week 4 -. Submit the completed combined image for ‘chaco ruins’ in GIMP Save as .png file when finished. wilber and original chaos picture
4. week 4 – please submit your correctly rotated image upside down exercise picture
5.Week 4 – submit your own logo containing your initials using the above video and handout as a guide – submit as a .png file
6. Week 4 – 10 pts. Submit your Excel with Pivot table In this section we want to add another Excel tool to your toolbox. A pivot table in Excel allows you to examine your data in a different way. Recreate the following simple Excel table and watch the VIDEO to create the pivot table within your Excel spreadsheet. You can also update the date shown. EditEditEdit








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