Ethics Paper Final

Take the rather broad topic given as a challenge to demonstrate not only the depth of your knowledge of what you’ve studied so far, but also as a way of demonstrating your ability to focus on relevant issues, to explain significant problems, to define key terms, to respond to the most important objection(s) to your important claims, and to generally engage and apply our classroom and textual material. Do the best that you can with the material that you have and the skills that you’ve learned so far.  Assume your audience is generally intelligent, but ignorant of the content of this particular course. This is not a “research paper.”  Use only the resources assigned in this class.


The teachers feedback has been provided within the word document. The argument is whether websites that are “pro-anarexia” and provide a space for those dealing with anorexia to lay their thoughts out.

The book used in class was “Understanding Media Ethics” by David Horner.

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