Ethics (Critical Thinking 1.0 (Identification, Research, Analysis)

Step 1: Read The Moral Compass, Chapter 4, focusing on the section covering Critical Thinking. Then read each of the following case studies from The Moral Compass, Chapter 24:
Case 5 – “The Island Escape”
Case 10 – “Intensive Care”
Case 11 – “Sex and Drugs”
Choose only ONE of the above cases to be used for this writing assignment (and you will also use the same case study for writing assignments in the next few modules).
Step 2: You will write a short, though well-written, college level paper including each of the elements below.
Use whatever writing format you are most comfortable with (APA, MLA, etc.).
Include your name, the professor’s name, the course name and the date.
Give your paper a title (relating it to the assignment or the case you chose).
Include a Work Cited Page and Word Count.
Section 1: IdentificationList the main ethical issue from the ONE case study (whichever case you chose) in the correct format (for review, see Module 2).
Should……………….? OR What should……………….?
Even if you identify several issues or concerns, identify and list only the one you think is the main ethical issue.

Section 2: ResearchList three topics that would be appropriate to research.
If you were the person named in your ethical issue and you had to make this decision – what information would you want to help you make a better decision and where would you find it? You do not need to complete the research, just list the three specific topics you would research. Three different topics are required.

Section 3: AnalysisCreate an analysis chart including at least 4 options and 4 stakeholders (as seen in Chapter 4). In the chart briefly explain how you believe each stakeholder will be affected by each option.